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Pope Francis: Migrants and refugees have ‘enormous potential’ to help society

The pope said history showed that new arrivals played a “fundamental role” in social and economic growth

Bangladesh detains 450 Rohingya celebrating Eid on beach

Around 920,000 mostly Muslim Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are banned from leaving barbed-wire camps

Blood of Bucha victims ‘cries out to heaven’ for end to...

“They are victims whose innocent blood cries out to heaven and implores an end to this war," said Pope Francis

Pope Francis: We are witnessing the ‘impotence’ of the UN in...

“[I]n the current war in Ukraine, we are witnessing the impotence of the Organizations of the United Nations.”

Malta center readies for pope but its real VIPs are refugees

"When you have a person who can sit near you at the table, you're not only giving him shelter, but we are treating him as a brother"

Pope heads to Catholic Malta with migrant message

Pope Francis is the third pope since 1990 to visit the tiny archipelago, where Saint Paul was said to have shipwrecked in 60 AD

Fighting in Myanmar’s Kayin state drives thousands to Thai border

Thai authorities are tightening security along the border for any Myanmar nationals who have crossed illegally

Conflict since coup pushes Myanmar’s displaced to nearly 900,000

The UN Humanitarian Office said that 519,900 people had been displaced by clashes since the coup, bringing the total of IDPs to 890,300

Insurgents murdered Rohingya leader, Bangladesh police admit

The assassination of Mohib Ullah last September sent shockwaves through the sprawling border settlements of stateless Rohingya refugees

Indian nun, companions shelter women, children fleeing war in Ukraine

The nun said the infant and her mother reminded her of Joseph and Mary fleeing Bethlehem to Egypt with the infant Jesus

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