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Nearly 1,000 hate crimes against Europe’s Christians recorded in 2020

The number of hate crimes against Christians is likely higher than what is reported in the data

Pope Francis: Refugees are ending up in a ‘desert of humanity’

"All too often you come up against a desert of humanity, with an indifference that ... that dries up relations between people”

Pope Francis: Failure to integrate migrants can create serious problems

The pope said that migrants were a blessing for the Catholic Church in Europe

Pope Francis appeals that migrants not be sent back to unsafe...

“We need to end the return of migrants to unsafe countries and prioritize rescuing lives at sea,” said the pope

Seven killed in Bangladesh Rohingya camp attack

The attackers randomly shot some victims and stabbed others with knives at the Balukhali refugee complex in Cox's Bazar

Top Rohingya leader in Bangladesh shot dead

Mohib Ullah, 48, emerged as the main civilian leader of the 740,000 Rohingya refugees in camps in Bangladesh

Sri Lankan, Filipino refugees who sheltered Snowden find sanctuary in Canada

The family were part of a group of seven refugees in Hong Kong who agreed to shelter Snowden after his revelations in 2013

Pope Francis: The Catholic Church must be welcoming

“Because the devil, who is the divider – this is what the word ‘devil’ means – always insinuates suspicions to divide and exclude”

Video: ‘Towards an ever wider WE’: Dreaming as one human family

In his new video, Pope Francis tells the faithful not to be afraid to dream - rather, to dream together as a single human family

Myanmar faces ‘alarming’ risk of escalating civil war, warns UN human...

Sources in Myanmar said on Thursday that thousands of people in the country’s Chin State have already fled to India

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