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Pope Francis, Cardinal Bo appeal for care for refugees amid pandemic

Nearly 70 percent those displaced are from Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Myanmar

Living on the edge, Pakistani Hindus still feel safer in India

Hindu asylum-seekers from Pakistan are among beneficiaries of a law that lays out a path to citizenship for people from six religious minorities from three neighboring countries

Rohingya refugees face deportation in Malaysia

The 270 refugees had fled southern Bangladesh by boat in April

Thailand ‘should help’ Rohingya, instead of ‘worsening their suffering’

Thai authorities cannot summarily disregard claims of asylum seekers who arrive at its borders, rights group says

Bangladesh says coronavirus detected in Rohingya refugee camp

Aid workers have warned of a potential humanitarian disaster if there is a significant outbreak in the refugee camps outside Cox's Bazar

Bangladesh quarantines hundreds of Rohingya boat people on island

For years, Rohingya have attempted the perilous sea journey south in the hope of reaching Thailand or Malaysia

Rohingya refugees quarantined on Bay of Bengal island at risk

They’d been adrift at sea for over two months, now they’re on island with no access to humanitarian services provided by UN or aid agencies

Rohingya bear brunt of Malaysian lockdown frustration

Desperate refugee community comes under attack from citizens having to weather hard times and a govt fumbling a crisis

Rohingya survivors tell of misery and death at sea; hundreds still...

As food and water ran out, they began to die of starvation, thirst, and beatings

Women in Bangladesh promote hygiene in refugee camps amid coronavirus fears

Advocates push for Rohingya refugees to be included in 'national preparedness and response plans'

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