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Christian group in India condemns ‘discriminatory demolition’ of churches

AMCO condemned the demolition of Christian places of worship under the pretext that they were built on government land

Philippine senator cries ‘discrimination’ over media tagging of hostage-takers as ‘Muslims’

"The word 'Muslim' should not be used to describe a person, especially if he has something to do with crime and terrorism"

In Pakistan, Christians relegated to lowliest, demeaning jobs

In Pakistan, 80 percent of sanitation workers are Christians whereas they are only 1.5 percent of the 220 million population

Court decision to ban hijab in Indian schools met with mixed...

The court earlier ruled that the wearing of the hijab “does not form a part of essential religious practice in Islamic faith”

Bishops in southern Indian state of Karnataka decry demolition of Jesus...

“The Christians are really alarmed and pained at such repeated acts by the pro-Hindu government machinery,” said a Church spokesman

Petition launched demanding repeal of India’s anti-conversion laws

They said the new anti-conversion law is unnecessary because the Indian Constitution has enough provisions to curtail fraudulent conversions

3 Indonesian children prohibited from advancing in school for reason of...

Indonesia has an estimate 28,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses, a tiny minority in a country with a population of about 270 million

Christian refugee denied burial in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camp

There are currently about 200 Christian Rohingya families in the refugee camp in Cox's Bazar

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