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Pakistan’s anti-forced conversion bill draws concern from clerics

Religious leaders are objecting to several provisions of the proposed measure, including the minimum age of conversion

Lao Christians formerly evicted from their villages still wait for new...

Christians in rural areas of Laos remain subject to discrimination at the hands of local authorities despite protection under national law

The Church under fire in India

The strongest force driving anti-Christian hatred in the country is the spiritual impact and warfare

Court dismisses ‘religious conversion’ case against priest for singing Christmas carols

The case against the 64-year-old priest arose after he allegedly tried to bribe a person to become Catholic in December 2017

Catechist, family members, imprisoned for evangelization efforts in Vietnam

The parish had no resident priests from 1952, when the last foreign missionary was expelled by the communists

Police arrest staff, students of Christian music school in Chinese city...

The raiding team arrested the students and teachers and confiscated pianos, computers, and several documents

Catholic community in Vietnam continues to wait for government recognition

Thousands of Catholics in Vietnam have experienced discrimination because of their faith

Junta soldiers desecrate churches, destroy food stocks in Myanmar’s Chin state,...

"They were drinking and behaving in the local church in Chat Village of Mindat Township, as if it was a tavern”

Churches in Pakistan step up security following Taliban’s return in Afghanistan

Catholic and Protestant church leaders agreed to tighten surveillance and beef up armed protection, especially at Sunday services

Ethnic groups fear more repression after Chinese president’s speech

US and EU lawmakers have called for boycotts of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics unless China stops its repression of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang

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