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Christians welcome with caution India’s dismissal of petition to monitor missionaries

The Supreme Court dismissed a petition seeking to constitute a monitoring board to monitor the activities of Christian Missionaries in India

2 Christian pastors jailed in central India — report

The report said a mob of radical Hindu nationalists broke into the worship hall in Rajouti village and assaulted the congregation

Officials tell Lao Christians to remove videos of attack by authorities,...

Christians in Laos have faced a string of similar assaults and legal moves against them

Another Indian state approves controversial anti-conversion law

The anti-conversion legislation was first introduced in Odisha in 1967 and has since been in force in 10 Indian states

3 Christian girls abducted in Pakistan for forced marriage, says report

A human rights commission of Pakistan report estimated that 1,000 Christian and Hindu women are abducted and forcibly married every year

2021 is ‘worst year’ for Christians in India, says ACN report

Anti-conversion laws have further emboldened right-wing Hindu groups in their hostility toward Christians

China starts processing licenses for online religious activities

Religious groups seeking to hold online activities should first get an Internet Religious Information Service Permit

Mob breaks into Christian chapel in Sri Lanka

The mob reportedly threatened the pastor and assaulted churchgoers, one of whom ended in the hospital for treatment of injuries

Jesuit priest granted bail in abduction, gang rape case in India

Father Aind and five others were sentenced to life imprisonment for their alleged involvement in the gang rape of five women in 2018

Street preacher arrested in China’s Yunnan province

The preacher reportedly traveled to Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture for an outreach program with an ethnic minority group

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