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Rohingya refugees in northern India fear an uncertain future

Threat of deportation looms for more than 150 Rohingya refugees recently detained by police

Fate of 81 Rohingya adrift at sea for weeks still unresolved,...

India has been providing food, medical and technical aid but has so far rejected appeals to take the group

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh rebuild huts after deadly fire

With critical infrastructure including medical facilities and sanitation systems destroyed, fears are rising about the spread of disease

Aid workers struggle to reunite Rohingya children separated by deadly fire

Blaze killed 15 people and hundreds are missing, UN says

Bangladesh officials probe fire at Rohingya camp that killed several people

Some witnesses say barbed wire fencing around the camp trapped many people

UN makes first visit to remote Bangladesh island since Rohingya moved

Bangladesh wants to eventually transfer 100,000 of the more than 1 million refugees living in overcrowded border camps to the island

Rohingyas in India’s Jammu fear deportation after police detain over 150

India rejects UN position that deporting the Rohingya violates the principle of refoulment — sending refugees back to a place where they face danger

SOS call to local paper saves 81 Rohingya at sea, but...

While the boat has been located, the fate of the passengers remains far from certain

Indian coast guard rescues 81 Rohingya on drifting boat, 8 dead,...

After four days at sea the boat's engine failed, and those on board had run out of food and water

Bangladesh to move more Rohingya to remote island despite criticism

Bangladesh justifies move to island saying overcrowding in camps in Cox's Bazar is leading to crimes

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