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Indian coast guard rescues 81 Rohingya on drifting boat, 8 dead,...

After four days at sea the boat's engine failed, and those on board had run out of food and water

Bangladesh to move more Rohingya to remote island despite criticism

Bangladesh justifies move to island saying overcrowding in camps in Cox's Bazar is leading to crimes

Fire destroys homes of thousands in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

‘Another devastating blow’ for people who’ve ‘endured unspeakable hardship for years’

Rohingya coerced into going to remote island, refugees and aid workers...

Anonymous govt official says refugees being moved because there was little prospect of repatriating them to Myanmar

Malaysia called to free children from immigration detention

More than 700 children being held in immigration detention facilities nationwide, govt says

Malaysia denying UN access to detained asylum seekers, agency says

Thousands of undocumented foreigners have been rounded up in what authorities say are efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19

Myanmar fugitive monk Wirathu hands himself in to face sedition charges

His surrender to authorities comes days ahead of parliamentary election which will decide next govt

ASEAN urged to act on worsening Rohingya crisis

APHR notes Myanmar 'continues to demonstrate no desire to solve the protracted issues, or restore the rights of Rohingya'

ASEAN didesak segera mengambil tindakan atas krisis Rohingya

Perhimpunan legislator Asia Tenggara meminta Asosiai Negara-Negara Asia Tenggara untuk mempercepat tanggapannya terhadap krisis yang memburuk di Negara Bagian Rakhine, Myanmar.

Widespread hate speech: Anti-migrant sentiment fanned on Facebook in Malaysia

Surge of anti-Rohingya comments on the social media platform shows how xenophobic speech persists in the country

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