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Amnesty International calls for end to violence, discrimination against Muslims in...

The report said discrimination against Muslims has evolved from “a rising series of mob attacks ... into government policies" against Muslims

Sri Lankan cardinal, Buddhist monk oppose sale of shares of power...

The petitioners said signing the agreement is contrary to law, “arbitrary and an infringement" of the people's fundamental rights

Sri Lanka’s Muslim religious scholars warn against report of possible terror...

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama expressed concern over extremist influences and asked Muslims "to be cautious and vigilant"

Sri Lankan, Filipino refugees who sheltered Snowden find sanctuary in Canada

The family were part of a group of seven refugees in Hong Kong who agreed to shelter Snowden after his revelations in 2013

Para uskup Sri Lanka dukung aksi mogok guru, desak kenaikan gaji

Konferensi Waligereja Sri Lanka menyatakan dukungan kepada para guru sekolah umum di negara itu yang meminta agar gaji mereka segera diberikan dan agar gaji mereka dinaikkan.

Sri Lankan bishops back teachers’ strike, call on gov’t to increase...

For more than two months already, the union of teachers and principals in Sri Lanka has been on strike to demand for a salary increase

Sri Lanka arrests Tamil MP over rebel remembrance

Commemorating the rebels is banned despite the UN Human Rights Council repeated urging to allow Tamils to mourn their war dead

Sri Lanka shaman dies of COVID-19 after touting ‘blessed’ water cure

Eliyantha White claimed that he could end the pandemic in Sri Lanka and India by pouring pots of his "blessed" water into rivers

Pemimpin Katolik Sri Lanka minta polisi selidiki klaim biksu tentang serangan...

Pemimpin Gereja Katolik di Sri Lanka mendesak kepolisian untuk melakukan penyelidikan atas klaim seorang biksu Buddha bahwa teroris akan melakukan serangan baru di negara itu.

Sri Lanka archdiocese calls for probe into monk’s claim of imminent...

The Buddhist monk claimed that he knew who and where the groups that would like to carry out a new attack are

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