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National strike in Sri Lanka demands gov’t to step down

Months of blackouts and acute shortages of food, fuel and pharmaceuticals have seen widespread suffering across the South Asian island nation

Sri Lanka crisis to last at least two more years, says...

Public anger has sparked sustained protests demanding the government resign over its mismanagement of the economic crisis

Pope Francis urges Sri Lanka to shed light on 2019 Easter...

The pope made the appeal in an address to Italy’s Sri Lankan community in St. Peter’s Basilica marking the third anniversary of the attacks

Fresh protests rock Sri Lanka after police killing

Regular blackouts, acute shortages of food and fuel and record inflation have sparked increasing public discontent in the country

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis exposes gaps in renewable energy push

Fuel shortages are forcing some people to use firewood, raising fears about the nation’s forests and its plans to switch to renewables

1 killed, 24 others wounded as Sri Lankan police fire at...

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Colombo condemned as “unacceptable and an immoral response” reports that goons have been used to quell protests

Unanswered questions in Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday bombings

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, archbishop of Colombo, talks about the result of the investigation into the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings

Catholic nuns eat raw food to protest Sri Lanka’s economic crisis

“It is not part of any Lenten sacrifice or practice, but we have no gas to cook them,” said Sister Dulcie Peiris in Kandy

Caritas in Sri Lanka promotes fund drive for children most affected...

Part of the Lenten offerings will go to teachers who have dedicated their time to children especially in the midst of the economic crisis

Sri Lanka plagued by corruption, ‘needs justice and transparency,’ says Catholic...

The priest said the people “lost faith in the political class and its leaders” and the Catholic Church “is on the side of the people"

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