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Clericalism in church and schools

Clericalism is also not just about the proverbial “bad apples in the basket”. It is also about the structure of the basket itself.

Cardinal: Synod on Synodality poses ‘no danger to the nature of...

"There are responsibilities which are already being — and in some cases are already — entrusted to non-cardinals, non-bishops, non-priests.”

Pope Francis calls for humanity to confront crises, promote true values

"Exploitation is one of the origins of war. The other origin is of a geopolitical nature related to territorial dominance,” the pope said

Pope Francis in new interview: ‘Church has to change’ in favor...

"Since Vatican II, John XXIII had a very clear perception: The Church has to change. Paul VI agreed, just like the succeeding popes"

Chinese bishops leaving Synod on Synodality early

Ruffini said that their departure is due to “pastoral needs” in their diocese that require their presence.

‘Synodal organizational culture’

Progressive Catholics will be disappointed by the outcome of this synod since the Synod will not decide in favor of their advocacies

The cardinals at the Synod on Synodality: A prelude for the...

The cardinals attending the gathering are tasked with getting acquainted, conversing, meeting privately, and understanding one another

Vatican safeguarding group calls on Synod on Synodality to address abuse...

“We ask that sexual abuse in the Church permeate your discussions as they address teaching, ministry, formation, and governance”

Sisters at Vatican synod see ‘dismantling of the hierarchical’

The only thing to understand, she said, is that Jesus was a person who embraced all, who didn't throw stones, who welcomed all

TIMELINE: What has the Catholic Church said about same-sex ‘blessings’?

The German Synodal Way approves a document that allows for the blessing of homosexual unions in March 2023

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