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Pope Francis calls for humanity to confront crises, promote true values

Pope Francis encouraged the human family to confront crises, the dignity of work, the impact of technological advancements, and the importance of dialogue for global peace.

“Our world lacks protagonists of humanity who demonstrate their human role,” the pope said in an interview with the Argentine news agency Télam.

The pontiff criticized humanity’s “lack of the ability to manage crises and bring forth one’s culture”. 

“Let’s not be afraid to let a country’s true values come to the surface. Crises are like voices that point out where we need to take action,” he said.

He noted that crises, in his view, have a constructive nature, describing them as opportunities for growth. “I like the word ‘crisis’ because it has internal movement,” said the Pope. 

“You come out of a crisis from above, and you don’t come out of it alone. Those who want to emerge alone turn that path of exit into a labyrinth, always turning in circles,” he said. 

He stressed the importance of teaching young people to resolve crises, as it fosters maturity and helps them discern between genuine leaders and false messiahs.

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Pope Francis also addressed the dignity of work and condemned exploitation, labeling it as one of the gravest sins. 

He clarified that his stance on these issues does not make him a communist, as some have suggested. 

Rather, he affirmed that he follows the teachings of the Gospel and emphasized the importance of caring for widows, orphans, and foreigners, values rooted in the Old Testament.

The Pope turned his attention to technological progress, highlighting the importance of putting the human person at the center of scientific advancements, including artificial intelligence. 

He stressed that humans must master and govern these technologies rather than becoming subservient to them.

On the topic of war and security, Pope Francis called for universal dialogue and harmony as a means to prevent conflict.

“Exploitation is one of the origins of war. The other origin is of a geopolitical nature related to territorial dominance,” said Pope Francis.

The pope emphasized the necessity of national self-awareness, as a prerequisite for meaningful dialogue and cooperation.

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