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Thailand’s Move Forward Party takes on biggest political taboo

The monarchy has long had an exalted status in Thai society, and is shielded from criticism by section 112 of the penal code

‘Sign of the times’: Thai election a referendum on the army

The military has a long history of political intervention in modern Thailand, with a dozen coups since the end of absolute monarchy in 1932

Southeast Asian lawmakers call for respect of will of people in...

Despite the overwhelming victory, the opposition parties may be unable to form a government

Pita Limjaroenrat: Thailand’s opposition earth-shaker

Pita first appeared in Thailand's political scene as one of the fresh faces of the newly formed progressive Future Foward Party in 2018

Thai opposition claims victory as voters reject army-backed parties

Thai voters turned out in record numbers to deliver a brutal verdict on former coup leader Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha

Thailand chokes on pollution but greens struggle to be heard in...

Green movements have gained little traction with Thai voters

Thais queue at temples, schools as early voting begins

More than two million Thais nationwide are registered to vote early ahead of the kingdom's May 14 election

Young Thai protesters hope for ‘game changer’ election

Many of the young protesters are about to vote for the first time in Thailand's May 14 election

One family, five candidates: dynasties rule rural Thailand

Rural Thailand is threaded with the influence of rich, powerful clans and part of their local support rests on political interventions

Thai PM dissolves parliament, calls election

Thailand has seen more than a dozen coups since the birth of democracy in 1932, and the military-royalist establishment is a major force

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