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The fighting women of Ukraine

To launch a war of aggression for no cause other than the lust for power is the evilest thing one can do and it is as stupid as stupid can be

Filipino women reject ‘undemocratic, misogynistic, militarist governance’

“Amid the pandemic, women continue to fight and protect their ancestral lands from land grabbing of corporations backed by state agents"

Photos: Activists mark International Women’s Day in Manila with protest march

Women activists marched in the streets of the Philippine capital Manila to mark International Working Women’s Day on March 8, 2022

Children’s rights groups welcome passage of amendments to Philippines’ anti-rape law

The new law provides additional protection for minors against rape and other forms of sexual abuse

Photos: Filipino women rising

Women’s rights activists danced in parks and held unity rides in the Philippines to celebrate the One Billion Rising PH campaign

Malaysia’s mangrove-planting fishermen stumble at nature finance hurdle

Local communities seeking to tap into growing funding flows for nature protection often face barriers

Opposing violence against women and children

Reporting sexual abuse and saving the victims with protection and therapy with legal action by victims is essential to fight abuse

To dye for: Indonesia’s carbon-rich mangroves in fashion with women weavers

Mangroves have an outsize role in sequestering planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions but they are disappearing fast in Indonesia

Pope Francis calls domestic abuse ‘satanic’ during new television special

The pope said domestic abuse takes advantage of the weakness of someone who cannot defend themselves

Debt-trapped Lao ‘chat girls’ forced to sell sex in China-run economic...

Many women in the debt trap have attempted to reach out to Lao authorities for help

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