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Palm Sunday and Laudato Si’ in Cambodia 

When the Lord made His final journey into Jerusalem before His sacrifice and crucifixion, the masses gathered, brimming with jubilation, to welcome Him. 

They brandished palm branches as a gesture of homage, while children’s voices uplifted, chanting “Hosanna to the Son of David.” 

The palm tree, steeped in ancient symbolism across various cultures, signifies victory (as Greek champions were awarded palm branches or whole palms), peace, and sovereignty. 

The humble people and innocent children, take a plant from nature to praise the King of Creation.

After the mass we celebrated at a century-old church in Mount Bokó, we entrusted the students and teachers of Don Bosco Kep to pick up all the garbage that our spiritual gathering generated. 

Putting plastic waste in a large plastic trash bag inside the National Park is not enough. We decided to bring all the waste back to our school.

On our way home, we see how those giant trash bags, filled with thousands of plastic pieces, are thrown into the virgin rainforest from the cliffs.

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We live the #LaudatoSi on this #SundayDeRamos. We can’t preach and then not practice. We can’t take the branches of a palm tree from the jungle to welcome the King of Creation and then leave trash in the jungle. 

We pray for Creation and for human beings to experience the strength of the Spirit that invites us to the purification of our bodies, minds, and souls and to the protection of the #CommonHome.

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