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ASEAN appoints Brunei diplomat as envoy to Myanmar

The envoy has been tasked with ending violence in Myanmar and opening dialogue between the military rulers and their opponents

US calls for ASEAN action on Myanmar, rejects China maritime claims

The United States has "deep concerns" about the situation in Myanmar and urged the group to take action to end violence

ASEAN urged to hold military accountable for atrocities in Myanmar

Indonesia's foreign minister on Wednesday also called on the ASEAN to immediately name an envoy to Myanmar

On Myanmar, ASEAN pushes boundaries of ‘non-interference’

But activists say ASEAN plan is still too weak and has little real chance to bring peace to Myanmar

Kelompok hak asasi desak pemimpin junta Myanmar dikeluarkan dari KTT ASEAN

Perhimpunan Bangsa-Bangsa Asia Tenggara (ASEAN) mendapat kritikan pedas dari kelompok hak asasi karena mengundang pemimpin junta Myanmar, Jenderal Senior Min Aung Hlaing, untuk menghadiri KTT untuk membahas krisis di Myanmar.

Myanmar’s junta leader should be disinvited from ASEAN summit, rights group...

Military leader should not be welcomed at an intergovernmental gathering to address a crisis he created, Human Rights Watch says

Southeast Asian legislators call for joint action to ensure freedom of...

ASEAN states are urged to ensure freedom of religion amid rising reports of discrimination and persecutions based on religion or belief

ASEAN urged to act on worsening Rohingya crisis

APHR notes Myanmar 'continues to demonstrate no desire to solve the protracted issues, or restore the rights of Rohingya'

ASEAN didesak segera mengambil tindakan atas krisis Rohingya

Perhimpunan legislator Asia Tenggara meminta Asosiai Negara-Negara Asia Tenggara untuk mempercepat tanggapannya terhadap krisis yang memburuk di Negara Bagian Rakhine, Myanmar.

More ‘collaborative action needed’ by Southeast Asia to tackle dangerous haze

Southeast Asian human rights officials have urged governments to step up cross-border collaboration to end harmful haze drifting across the region. Four members of the Association...

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