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Pope Francis: Don’t hide wrinkles, it’s ‘the heart that matters’

The pope said that when old age is seen from the correct perspective, it has “a unique beauty”

Vatican liturgy office issues guidelines for catechist ministry

“It is fitting that those called to the instituted ministry of Catechist be men and women of deep faith and human maturity"

Pope Francis urges Christians to always pray to Holy Spirit

The pope recommended that Catholics keep a copy on them of the “beautiful prayer that the Church recites on Pentecost”

Pope Francis: God ‘weaves our history’

In his catechesis on Wednesday, Pope Francis said when we are called by God, we also receive a mission that He wishes us to undertake

Pope Francis warns against preachers who sow division online

“There is no shortage of preachers who, especially through the new means of communication, can disturb communities,” said Pope Francis

Pope urges faithful to keep on praying as he concludes catechesis...

The general audience on Wednesday was Pope Francis’ final catechesis on prayer before starting a new theme next week

Pope Francis reminds faithful of Jesus’ endless love

Pope Francis said that in the moment of trial and sin, Jesus is praying for everyone “with so much love”

Prayer ‘not a magic wand,’ says Pope Francis

Pope Francis said that everyone “must be humble so that our words are actually prayers and not nonsense that God rejects”

Pope Francis institutes new ministry of catechist in Catholic Church

Pope Francis stressed the need to recognize "lay men and women who feel called ... to cooperate in the work of catechesis"

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