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Pope Francis unveils new YOUCAT, declares ‘Christ is password for a...

He encouraged young people to deepen their knowledge of Jesus to properly love and make Him known to others

Pope Francis: Return to God’s word rather than social media’s ‘violence...

In his homily, Francis asked people to think about whether they are making enough room for the word of God in their lives

Pope Francis: If you don’t know the date of your baptism,...

At baptism, it is God who comes into us, purifies and heals our heart, makes us forever His children, His people and family, heirs to Paradise

Pope Francis: One must never dialogue with the devil

“When temptation comes, never talk. Close the door, close the window, close your heart. In this way we defend ourselves from this seduction"

The way of beauty: Pope Francis’ and aesthetic dimension of Catechesis

Francis highlights the need for Catechetical training resources to accommodate the need for a mystagogical renewal

Proximity and authenticity: Pope Francis’ relational teaching on Catechesis

Francis reminds us that this forgiveness which we offer to each other is another aspect of humanity; it should become a part of everyday life

Nurturing the seed: Pope Francis’ teaching on the formative nature of...

Catechesis should never forget that The Holy Spirit is “the protagonist of evangelization”, and Catechist is merely a co-operator or conduit

Pope Francis clarifies comments on sin and homosexuality

Pope Francis said he was trying to say in the interview that criminalization of homosexuality “is neither good nor just”

Pope Francis: Don’t hide wrinkles, it’s ‘the heart that matters’

The pope said that when old age is seen from the correct perspective, it has “a unique beauty”

Vatican liturgy office issues guidelines for catechist ministry

“It is fitting that those called to the instituted ministry of Catechist be men and women of deep faith and human maturity"

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