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Reporting abuse should be as easy as making a call

Child abuse is almost as frequent as sending a text message. Reporting child abuse should be as frequent as making a phone call.

How to end child labor

With good people who are determined to end child labor, there is hope that child labor and exploitation can be reduced

Child labor rises to 160 million – first increase in two...

The ILO-UNICEF report points to a significant rise in the number of children aged 5 to 11 years in child labor

Parents and the Internet for good and bad

The smart phone, while it can be used for education and learning and positive and inspiring communication, has its dark dangerous side

Rights groups deplore continuing attacks on Christians in Pakistan

The National Commission for Justice and Peace condemned the incident and urged authorities to arrest the “monsters”

Pope Francis warns anew against ‘habit of covering up’ child abuse

Pope Francis said the tendency to cover up child abuse 'is always there,' adding that everyone 'must fight this old habit of covering up'

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