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Unleashing ‘majoritarianism’

"They have gone overboard in their efforts to denigrate and demonize minorities in India, particularly Muslims and Christians"

Indian Christian population on the decline, survey reveals

With more women educated, more of them marry late, contributing to the decline in population and in the decreasing infant mortality rates

Hindu extremists target Christian communities in India over Easter weekend

Incidents of attacks against Christians in India in recent months have risen, with the number of violent incidents rising sharply in 2021

Catholic bishop condemns arrest of Christians in India during Holy Week...

The Catholic prelate said the allegations against the Christians were "artfully manufactured" by Hindu fundamentalists

Christians welcome with caution India’s dismissal of petition to monitor missionaries

The Supreme Court dismissed a petition seeking to constitute a monitoring board to monitor the activities of Christian Missionaries in India

2 Christian pastors jailed in central India — report

The report said a mob of radical Hindu nationalists broke into the worship hall in Rajouti village and assaulted the congregation

2021 is ‘worst year’ for Christians in India, says ACN report

Anti-conversion laws have further emboldened right-wing Hindu groups in their hostility toward Christians

Christian pastor assaulted by Hindu mob in India, says report

India is ranked 10th on the World Watch List for the persecution of Christians compiled by the advocacy group Open Doors

Hate crimes against Christians in India peaked in 2021, says new...

The Religious Liberty Commission of the Evangelical Fellowship of India reported 505 incidents of attacks on Christians in 2021

Ecumenical group reports 53 incidents of violence against Christians in India

An international Christian rights organization warned against what it noted as “a sharp increase in persecution” across eight states

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