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India, Pakistan held secret talks to try to break Kashmir impasse

The two governments have re-opened a back channel of diplomacy aimed at a modest roadmap to normalizing ties, sources say

UN rights chief warns of ‘full-blown conflict’ in Myanmar

Intensifying widespread, systematic slaughter by Myanmar military must be halted, UN commissioner says

Peace group warns armed clashes in Mindanao a ‘preview’ of more...

If the violence continues, Bangsamoro region may experience conflict similar to what occurred in the city of Marawi in 2017

Philippine bishop alarmed over presence of Chinese vessels in disputed waters

The Philippines reported about 220 vessels, believed to be manned by Chinese maritime militia personnel, anchored at Julian Felipe Reef

Myanmar coup opponents win new support in ethnic borderlands

A quarter of Myanmar's 53 million population lives in an area where at least one ethnic armed group claims territory

Pope Francis appeals for peace on 10th anniversary of Syrian civil...

With more than 13 million people in need of assistance, the conflict has caused untold suffering

Pope, after Iraq trip, seeks answers over weapons sales

Pope has said in the past that weapons manufacturers and traffickers would have to one day answer to God

Remains of US chaplain who died during Korean War found

Father Emil Kapaun died while being held as a prisoner of war, he is currently being considered for sainthood

Beijing’s niggling of India

China's meddling in the affairs of northeast India is nothing new

Don’t let hate overtake Myanmar, let us all believe in the...

This golden land is a blessed land, but the greatest blessing is the blessing of peace

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