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Expecting the end of time

Are we really meant to fear the ‘end of time, or are we supposed to expect it?

Alam pun menanti untuk kita kasihi dan pahami

Pada suatu pagi yang cerah, saat fajar merekah, saya menyaksikan mukjizat yang sering terlupakan. Seperti halnya pada hari kerja biasa saya, di mana saya...

Church activates emergency response units as typhoon hits Philippines

Teams have been deployed to determine the extent of the damage in communities

Nature is waiting to be befriended and understood

We must dare not miss the signs and wonders of nature for they accurately mirror the attributes of its creator Spirit

A changing Mekong is damaging livelihoods

With new hydropower dams starting operations or being planned to be built, a crisis is looming

Philippine groups rally against attacks on environmental defenders

Global Witness report has tagged the Philippines as the world’s most dangerous country for activists

Dam building on the Mekong: A death by a thousand cuts

More than 60 million people rely on the Mekong for their livelihoods

Filipino women dance against ‘environmental plunder’

The One Billion Rising campaign, which was first launched in 2012, is a global call to end violence against women and girls

Environment go-ahead for China-funded dam project in Philippines

Controversial project will displace at least 15,000 indigenous people

Photo story: Praying for rain on an isolated Philippine island

Island community depends on rain for drinking, cooking, washing clothes, and bathing

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