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Plenty of fish but no catch as Sri Lanka economic crisis...

The crisis has left vessels without fuel to go to sea, and the repercussions are rippling down to dinner tables around the country

Survey reveals ‘alarming’ state of food insecurity in India

According to the result of the study, close to 80 percent of those surveyed reported some form of food insecurity

North Koreans, already hungry, now short of cooking oil

North Korea needs external food aid to meet its basic needs, according to a report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization

Pope Francis warns of global food insecurity, calls for support for...

Pope Francis assured the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization of Church support in fighting hunger and its causes

Malaysian urban dwellers ‘reclaim’ city land, one garden at a time

Amid the high rises that tower over the Malaysian capital, tiny community gardens are taking shape

As rising ‘heat shocks’ ruin rice crops, Bangladesh faces hunger risk

Heat stress - caused by high temperatures, low rainfall and low humidity - disrupted rice growth in Bangladesh

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