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Pilgrimage in Indian Kashmir resumes as many missing from floods

Thousands of undeterred Hindu pilgrims reached the traditional Nunwan base camp south of the shrine

Profile: India’s anti-Muslim firebrand and possible future PM

The monk said it would be a fight between "80 percent and 20 percent,” referring to the state's demographic split on religion

Christian, Hindu minorities in Pakistan call for respect for rights

Rights groups noted "deep-rooted religious discrimination and forms of inequality, hate speech, and provocations against minorities”

Bangladesh didesak batalkan ketentuan yang menjadikan Islam agama negara

Para pemimpin agama Kristen, Hindu, dan Buddha di Bangladesh memperingati Black Day (Hari Hitam) pada 9 Juni untuk memperbarui desakan mereka untuk menghapus perubahan konstitusi yang menciptakan Islam sebagai agama negara.

Umat Katolik tuduh pemerintah India tidak adil karena ijinkan festival Hindu

Sejumlah pemimpin Gereja Katolik di India menuduh pemerintah berlaku tidak adil karena mengizinkan umat Hindu mengadakan upacara tradisional mereka minggu ini, sementara tindakan ketat diberlakukan pada agama lain.

Komunitas Kristen di negara bagian India dilarang melakukan kebaktian

Pejabat kepolisian di negara bagian Karnataka di India dilaporkan telah melarang komunitas umat Kristen untuk melakukan kebaktian.

Indian Christians warn against religious propaganda about cows

Syllabus released by govt agency reportedly claims ‘Jesus Christ said that killing a cow is like killing a human being’

Warga Dalit yang masuk Kristen di India diserang secara brutal

Bura Singh, istri dan putri kecil mereka sedang berdoa dengan tenang di rumah mereka di India tengah ketika polisi tiba-tiba menggeruduk rumah mereka pada 7 Juni.

Security tight as Hindu temple construction begins at disputed site

While Hindus celebrate, three former BJP government ministers still face trial on criminal conspiracy charges linked to speeches suspected of inciting crowd that destroyed old mosque in 1992

Modi, Muslims to attend Ram temple ceremony on contested Ayodhya site

In 1992, a Hindu mob destroyed the 16th-century Babri Mosque on the site, triggering clashes in which about 2,000 people, mostly Muslims, were killed

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