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Young Hong Kong democracy activists jailed for 2019 protest

Rights groups and critics of Beijing have been swift to condemn court ruling

Parliamentarians from 18 countries urge Hong Kong to intervene in China...

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam called to intervene to ensure justice for 12 people, the youngest of who is 16

Democracy darkens: Hong Kong activists reel from Beijing moves

Hong Kong is being ‘mainlandized’ with shocking rapidity, democracy advocates say

Young Hong Kong activists detained for illegal assembly, face 3 years...

Dozens of supporters outside the court chanted pro-democracy slogans and ‘Release Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, Ivan Lam!’

Hong Kong court rules that police complaints system breaches Bill of...

Existing mechanism dealing with complaints against police is inadequate, court says

Next move unclear amid China curbs, says Hong Kong democrat, but...

Opposition members have tried to stand against Beijing's whittling away of freedoms promised to Hong Kong

UK to consider sanctions against China for breaching Hong Kong treaty

Hong Kong's autonomy was guaranteed under ‘one country, two systems’ agreement enshrined in 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers to resign as Beijing moves to quash...

China's representative office in the city has said Hong Kong has to be ruled by loyalists

Hong Kong disqualifies four legislators for ‘endangering security’

Opposition members have tried to make a stand against Beijing's whittling away of freedoms in the city

Hong Kong journalist appears in court amid fears over press freedom

She was making documentary examining police response to an attack on pro-democracy protesters

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