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Pope Francis: Humility as foundation of Christian life and path to...

He reiterated that humility is not only the root of peace in the world and within the Church but also "the way, the path to salvation."

Pope Francis calls to embrace love, humility, and the journey of...

"While the real difference is between lovers and those who have lost that initial passion.... Only those who love fare forward”

Children of the Light

In humility and trust, will not a person grow because of its parent, and when fully mature, will eventually mirror its parent?

‘Don’t be ashamed of your humble beginnings,” Philippine bishop tells priests

“Never forget the village, never forget your humble beginnings, and do not be ashamed of your humble beginnings”


Christians are persistently striving for social peace, which can be achieved through a just and equitable distribution of the material goods

Pope Francis warns of the danger of ‘spiritual arrogance’

Pope Francis said that everyone should look closely at the parable of the Pharisee and the publican

The deserving and the undeserving

God is most especially on the side of those forced into conditions imposed by the "deserving," to become unjustly "undeserving"

Only with humility

The saints have shown through their holy lives that humility can stand up to challenge a proud world

Filipino Catholics reminded to be worthy of the title ‘pueblo amante...

Devotees have offered testimonials of "miracles" that were supposed to have occurred through the intercession of the Virgin of Aránzazu

Pope Francis: ‘The Lord always surprises us’

Pope Francis said it is foolish for someone to think that just by taking catechesis classes one can “know everything about Jesus”

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