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Ramadan prayers return to Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia mosque after 88 years

The prayers will take place at Hagia Sophia on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the holy month of Ramadan, beginning this week

Pakistan’s Khan to trumpet Islamic credentials as home fires burn

Prime Minister Imran Khan got the UN to recognize Islamophobia as a global threat, but faces a no-confidence vote in the National Assembly

Uyghur woman sentenced for 14 years for teaching Islam, hiding Qurans

A Manas county court official confirmed that Hasiyet Ehmet had been sentenced to 14 years

Interview: New religious body adds to Islamization in Pakistan

“Today Pakistan is isolated due to Islamization and the lack of respect for human rights"

Malaysian interfaith groups welcome non-passage of bill on non-Muslims

A top Malaysian official earlier announced that laws are being drafted, including one restricting the propagation of non-Muslim religions

Bangladesh didesak batalkan ketentuan yang menjadikan Islam agama negara

Para pemimpin agama Kristen, Hindu, dan Buddha di Bangladesh memperingati Black Day (Hari Hitam) pada 9 Juni untuk memperbarui desakan mereka untuk menghapus perubahan konstitusi yang menciptakan Islam sebagai agama negara.

Bangladesh government urged to scrap provision creating Islam as state religion

"Black Day" marks the anniversary of the 1988 approval of the recognition of Islam as a state religion in Bangladesh

COVID-19 fears stifle Ramadan in India’s Kashmir

Mosques near empty, minimal business for market vendors as COVID cases surge

Umat Kristen dan Muslim dipanggil untuk menjadi pembawa harapan

Vatikan telah mengeluarkan pernyataan yang mendorong umat Kristen dan Muslim untuk menjadi "pembawa harapan" saat bulan suci Ramadan.

Christians and Muslims ‘called to be bearers of hope’

Hope arises from our belief that all our problems and trials have a meaning, reads Vatican statement

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