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How will Malaysian govt respond to landmark case over use of...

In the multicultural country ‘Allah’ is the ubiquitous term for ‘God’, adopted by Muslims and Christians alike

Sri Lanka to ban burqa, shut many Islamic schools, minister says

Burqa is a sign of religious extremism, Islamic schools are flouting national education policy, he says

Vatikan kecewa atas laporan PBB tentang Islamofobia

Vatikan menyatakan kekecewaannya atas laporan Dewan Hak Asasi Manusia PBB tentang “Islamofobia,” dan menyebut laporan itu berpotensi memecah belah karena tidak memasukkan kelompok agama lain.

Vatican expresses disappointment over UNHRC report on Islamophobia

Report focused on ‘anti-Muslim hatred’ without reference to other faith groups that are also victims of hatred, discrimination and persecution

Pengadilan Pakistan kabulkan jaminan remaja Kristen atas kasus penistaan

Pengadilan Pakistan telah mengabulkan jaminan bagi pria remaja Kristen yang dihukum pada tahun 2018 atas dugaan menghina Islam melalui media sosialnya.

Pakistani court grants bail to Christian accused of blasphemous Facebook post

Four years ago, Nabeel Masih was arrested for posting a picture of Islam’s holiest site

Bangladesh sentences five militants to death for killing US blogger

They belonged to an al Qaeda-inspired domestic militant group

Pendeta di Pakistan ditangkap atas dugaan penistaan di Facebook

Seorang pendeta berusia 25 tahun di Pakistan ditangkap atas tuduhan melanggar undang-undang penistaan agama negara itu setelah mengunggah tulisan di media sosial yang mengkritik Islam pada bulan Desember.

Pakistani Christian charged with blasphemy over Facebook post

More than 20 Christians are currently imprisoned on blasphemy charges in Pakistan

Indonesian radical cleric linked to Bali bombings released from jail

He will enter a deradicalization program amid concerns over his continued influence in extremist circles

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