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Mental health aid urged for Philippine disaster victims

Disaster victims should be fed and given shelter, but their mental health should not be forgotten, priest says

Photo gallery: Filipino Muslim community devastated by typhoon

Images offer a glimpse to how people are trying to cope and rebuild their lives

Poor communities in Philippines’ typhoon-hit regions in dire need of help

Church groups say the gap in govt’s humanitarian response manifests its unpreparedness when it comes to addressing disasters

After super typhoon: No help, no roof, no food

Mountains surrounding Filipino village used to be filled with trees, now, it’s littered with felled trunks and leafless branches

Church leaders warn against politicking in Philippine disaster response

There are reports of elected officials taking advantage of govt’s efforts to aid typhoon victims for early electioneering, priest says

Filipino Catholics mark World Day of the Poor, urged to aid...

From the Vatican, Pope Francis reminds Catholics to revive ‘sense of responsibility’ for the poor

Photo gallery: Philippine communities rise from devastation after typhoon

Locals rely on themselves in rebuilding their community, they say their plight has been overlooked

Search for missing continues in Philippines in wake of strong typhoon

Philippine military said it has already recovered at least 39 bodies in the wake of Typhoon Ulysses

Children in typhoon-hit areas face food shortages, mental distress

Some 450,000 children now living in fear and isolation, experiencing hunger and distress as they miss out on school

Photo gallery: Typhoon ‘Ulysses’ leaves thousands homeless in Philippine capital

Houses submerged and thousands of Filipinos were stranded on rooftops

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