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Pope Francis expresses concerns over escalation in war

In a recent interview on the Italian TV program “Che tempo che fa,” Pope Francis addressed various topics, expressing his deep concerns about the escalating conflict in various regions.

The interview, aired on Sunday, 14 January, covered several significant issues at the forefront of global discussions.

The Pope turned his attention to the horrors of war, condemning the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine. 

He expressed deep concern about the arms trade behind these conflicts and shared his fear of the military escalation occurring globally. 

Pope Francis warned of the self-destructive capacity humanity possesses today, especially with the presence of atomic weapons.

He spoke about a recent meeting with children from Ukraine who had lost their ability to smile due to the impact of war. 

The pontiff lamented the criminal nature of war, which robs children of their ability to dream, and expressed concern about the world’s trajectory amid increasing military steps.

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“It’s true that making peace is risky, but war is riskier,” he said.

“This military escalation scares me because this advancing of military steps in the world makes one wonder how we will end up. With atomic weapons now, which destroy everything. How will we end up? Like Noah’s Ark? This frightens me: the capacity for self-destruction that humanity has today,” said Pope Francis. 

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