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Rohingyas in India’s Jammu fear deportation after police detain over 150

India rejects UN position that deporting the Rohingya violates the principle of refoulment — sending refugees back to a place where they face danger

SOS call to local paper saves 81 Rohingya at sea, but...

While the boat has been located, the fate of the passengers remains far from certain

Indian coast guard rescues 81 Rohingya on drifting boat, 8 dead,...

After four days at sea the boat's engine failed, and those on board had run out of food and water

Defying court order, Malaysia deports more than 1,000 Myanmar nationals

The country does not formally recognize refugees, treating them as undocumented migrants

Malaysia court halts deportation of 1,200 Myanmar nationals amid outcry

Asylum seekers from minority Chin, Kachin and non-Rohingya Muslim communities are among those being deported, rights groups say

Pope Francis reminds Catholics to give meaning to faith during crisis

Reflecting on Gospel reading, pope cited Jesus' action of healing a man with leprosy

Bangladesh to move more Rohingya to remote island despite criticism

Bangladesh justifies move to island saying overcrowding in camps in Cox's Bazar is leading to crimes

Fire destroys homes of thousands in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

‘Another devastating blow’ for people who’ve ‘endured unspeakable hardship for years’

Cardinal Bo: Families face great challenge amidst pandemic

Christ knows your tears; Christ knows your brokenness. Knowing our pain, he walks with us.

Rohingya coerced into going to remote island, refugees and aid workers...

Anonymous govt official says refugees being moved because there was little prospect of repatriating them to Myanmar

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