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Chinese coast guard causes ‘panic’ with Taiwan cruise ship boarding

Chinese Coast Guard officers boarded a Taiwanese sightseeing vessel near Kinmen island, then inspected its navigation plan and ship documents as the cruise ship’s...

Taiwan calls on China to ‘be rational’ after deadly boat incident

China claims self-ruled Taiwan as part of its territory, and relations between the two have soured in recent years

Chinese Communist Party continues crackdown on LGBTQ+ people

Liu Zhaoyang said the crackdown seems to be focused on banning any public expression of sexual minority identities

Taiwan chooses Vice President Lai as new leader in rebuke to...

The election of Lai signals a continuation of the island’s policies aimed at preserving its de facto independence

Taiwan accuses China of gray zone tactics by flying balloons

On Jan. 13, the Taiwanese go to polls in presidential and parliamentary elections seen as vital for cross-strait relations.

Taiwan amends law to fight Chinese illegal sand dredging

Illegal sand dredging to meet construction demands in China has in recent years become a serious problem in the waters around Taiwan

Taiwan reports sightings of Chinese balloons

US said it was a high-altitude surveillance platform the size of a school bus, China said it was a weather balloon that was blown off course

Taiwan’s ambassador to the Vatican: Better to prevent a war than...

“It is my firm belief that preventing a war beforehand is much more critical than stopping a war afterwards,” Lee said.

China-US quiet war of words escalates

“Deepening the security cooperation between Taiwan and the US is crucial for maintaining the security of Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific region”

Taiwan tribe despairs as drought shrinks bamboo crop

But for the third year in a row, the government is providing subsidies to farmers not to plant their crops -- a sign of the severe water needs

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