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Shut out of WHO, Taiwan faces flight bans, update delays in...

Taiwan is denied membership of most international organizations including the WHO, a UN agency, due to the objections of China

Taiwan president informs Pope Francis about Chinese pressure

The Vatican is one of just 15 countries that has diplomatic ties with Taiwan and the only one in Europe

Hong Kong protesters fete landslide election win for Taiwan’s Tsai

The slogan ‘Today Taiwan, Tomorrow Hong Kong’ has sprung up after the landslide win, to express the hope that Hong Kong too will one day have full democracy

World is watching our democracy, Taiwan president says on election eve

The issue of China is front and center in the campaign, especially after President Xi Jinping warned last year China could attack Taiwan

Taiwan election is make or break for fleeing Hong Kong protesters

Some protesters fear support will vanish if election is won by presidential candidate for Taiwan's Kuomintang opposition party, which favours close ties with China

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