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Jumlah warga Xinjiang yang dipenjara tanpa alasan terus bertambah

Pemerintah Tiongkok terus memenjarakan warga Uighur dan Muslim lainnya di wilayah Xinjiang dengan hukuman yang panjang, Human Rights Watch (HRW) melaporkan.

Baseless imprisonments surge in China’s Xinjiang, rights group says

Formal prosecutions are distinct from those arbitrarily detained in unlawful 'political education' facilities

US ‘deeply disturbed’ by reports of systematic rape of Muslims in...

These atrocities shock the conscience and must be met with serious consequences, State Department spokeswoman says

US declares genocide being committed in China’s Xinjiang

I believe this genocide is ongoing, and that we are witnessing the systematic attempt to destroy Uyghurs by the Chinese party-state, says US Secretary of State

US commission says China possibly committed ‘genocide’ against Xinjiang Muslims

US genocide declaration would mean countries would have to think hard about allowing companies to do business with Xinjiang

Alibaba gunakan pengenal wajah untuk melacak warga Uighur

Raksasa penjualan dan teknologi online Alibaba memperkenalkan layanan pengenalan wajah kepada pelanggannya untuk mendeteksi anggota kelompok etnis minoritas Uighur di Tiongkok, kata sebuah laporan.

Alibaba offers racial profiling of Uyghurs, says report

China’s ‘version of Amazon’ allows customers to be alerted any time it detects a Uyghur, report says

Big data program in China targets Xinjiang’s Muslims

Leaked list of over 2,000 detainees demonstrates automated repression

US bans cotton imports from China producer citing Xinjiang slave labor

There have been credible reports that 1 million Muslims held in camps have been put to work

Chinese foreign ministry upset by pope saying Uyghurs are persecuted

Meanwhile, activists and China watchers describe pope’s comment as overdue and that more should be said

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