Like the sky falling on our heads: Life under the Khmer Rogue

    In the video above Nal Oum, a former doctor, tells some of what he experienced under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime that ruled Cambodia 1975-79.

    Nal Oum said the whole country became like a labor camp where people didn’t have the right talk or even laugh.

    “In the eye of the communism a human being has no value until he serves the political party,” Nal Oum says in the video.

    Nal Oum managed to escape Cambodia (then renamed Kampuchea by the Khmer Rouge) to Thailand.

    The Khmer Rouge killed nearly two million people during the genocide.

    The Khmer Rouge commander known as Comrade Duch, Pol Pot’s main executioner and security chief died on Sept. 2.

    This above video is part of a larger educational series by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation to highlight and share the stories of those brave survivors of the crimes of communist regimes.

    Portraits of prisoners who were held and killed in the Khmer Rouge prison codenamed S-21. (Photo by pzAxe/