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Another Indian state approves controversial anti-conversion law

The anti-conversion legislation was first introduced in Odisha in 1967 and has since been in force in 10 Indian states

Petition launched demanding repeal of India’s anti-conversion laws

They said the new anti-conversion law is unnecessary because the Indian Constitution has enough provisions to curtail fraudulent conversions

India’s religious leaders join calls for withdrawal of anti-conversion bill

Catholic Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore called on the state to reconsider and withdraw the bill

Religious groups wary over passage of anti-conversion law in India’s Karnataka...

The Karnataka Cabinet has approved the draft of the bill on December 20, five days ahead of Christmas

Christians in India hold demonstration to protest anti-conversion bill

The Archdiocese of Bangalore expressed its opposition to the anti-conversion bill and the survey being conducted on Christian institutions

Pastor in Nepal sentenced to two years in prison for violating...

Pastor Keshav Acharya was sentenced to two years imprisonment by the District Court in Dolpa for violating Nepal’s anti-conversion law

Anti-conversion law foments anti-Christian campaign in central India

The government of Madhya Pradesh implemented a stringent anti-conversion law in January 2021

New anti-conversion law threatens Christians, Muslims in India’s Gujarat state

Church leaders say the new law goes against the Indian Constitution that allows citizens to profess and practice a religion of their choice

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