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Athletes to suffer alongside Tokyoites as Japan heat soars

Japan's weather bureau issued heat-stroke alerts for a fifth consecutive day on Wednesday

Pope to attend November UN climate conference in Glasgow, health permitting

On Oct. 4, the Vatican will host a gathering of world religious leaders and scientists to take a common stand ahead of the COP26 Conference

Philippine capital may go underwater in 10 years, says Greenpeace report

A Greenpeace report says up to 1.54 million people out of the city’s population of 1.78 million will be most affected by rising water levels

Asian, tropical coastlines most vulnerable to rising seas – study

62% of these low-lying areas were located in the tropics, with a third of the total in Asia, said the study

Asia’s new coal plant plans jeopardize climate targets, report says

A report said 92% of planned coal projects in the five Asian countries would not be economical, wasting up to US$150 billion

Vatican to host ‘Faith and Science’ talks to raise stakes ahead...

Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher stressed that faith has a role to play in looking for solutions to the climate issue

As rising ‘heat shocks’ ruin rice crops, Bangladesh faces hunger risk

Heat stress - caused by high temperatures, low rainfall and low humidity - disrupted rice growth in Bangladesh

US envoy wants pope to attend climate conference, sway debate

John Kerry said the pope "is above politics and outside of the hurly-burly of day-to-day, national conflict"

Greenpeace says Asian Development Bank’s new draft energy policy misses mark

Greenpeace says ADB's draft police "falls short and completely misses the mark in responding to this decade’s realities"

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