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Legalizing Bangladesh ‘easy bike’ taxis could drive safer, greener industry

A court decision overturning an earlier ban on three-wheelers paves the way for them to be made legal

Jesuit blames India’s political leaders for frustration of country’s workers

A report said the overall labor participation rate in India dropped from 46 percent to 40 percent between 2017 and 2022

Thai… caviar? Farm produces delicacy in tropical climate

A Thai-Russian partnership is offering a more ethical and affordable product, sparing the endangered fish their usual fate of death

Economic crisis forces Sri Lankans to moonlight as prices soar

Sri Lankans are being forced to take on second jobs as millions struggle to survive the nation's worst economic meltdown since independence

‘Woven air’: Bangladesh revives elite forgotten fabric

The textile once brought magnificent riches to the lands where it was spun

Sri Lanka runs out of fuel as dollar crisis worsens

Many commuters were seen using their own motorcycles and small cars Wednesday after bus operators warned of drastically scaled back schedules

Desperate Afghans resort to selling their kidneys to feed families

The practice has become so widespread in the western city of Herat that a nearby settlement is bleakly nicknamed "one kidney village"

Survey reveals ‘alarming’ state of food insecurity in India

According to the result of the study, close to 80 percent of those surveyed reported some form of food insecurity

Hunger remains a major problem in Laos, despite economic gains

Laos ranked 87th out of 117 countries on the 2019 Global Hunger Index

Number of jobless Filipinos up to 3.27 million in December, gov’t...

The unemployment rate also inched up to 6.6 percent, slightly higher than the 6.5 percent recorded in November

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