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The wild west of Malaysia’s tahfiz religious schools

Despite their fair share of scandals, they are operating without licence nor accountability

Bangladesh education ban devastates a generation of Rohingya children, rights group...

Aid groups are not allowed to provide proper schooling for children in refugee camps

Pendidikan berkualitas di universitas New Delhi menjauh dari jangkauan

Usulan kenaikan biaya akomodasi di Universitas Jawaharlal Nehru (JNU) di New Delhi membuat banyak siswa yang miskin, termasuk umat Katolik, mengkhawatirkan masa depan mereka. Jika...

Affordable quality education under threat at New Delhi university

Rise in accommodation fees will result in many Dalits not being able to have access to a decent education, professor says

Nun backs sex education for Filipino youth to fight teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy rates in the Philippines are the second highest in Southeast Asia

Bangladesh MP ‘hired 8 lookalikes’ to sit university exams

A Bangladesh lawmaker has been expelled from university after allegedly hiring as many as eight lookalikes to take her place in exams, an official...

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