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Billions in lockdown aid is breadcrumbs to Malaysia’s small businesses

Govt touts SMEs as backbone of the national econom’, but almost all of them will have to fend for themselves as funding dries up or fails to arrive

School education struggles during Malaysia’s lockdown

Despite efforts to take lessons online, poverty and teaching staff indifference puts a big dent in children’s education

SPOTLIGHT: Malaysia detains thousands of migrants in sting operation

Authorities use ruse of screening for coronavirus to raid apartment complexes in Kuala Lumpur for undocumented migrants and prep them for deportation

Rohingya bear brunt of Malaysian lockdown frustration

Desperate refugee community comes under attack from citizens having to weather hard times and a govt fumbling a crisis

Rohingya survivors tell of misery and death at sea; hundreds still...

As food and water ran out, they began to die of starvation, thirst, and beatings

Malaysian ministers show disdain for COVID-19 restrictions

Ordinary citizens face up to three months in prison for defying nationwide lockdown, while ministers are allowed to do as they please

Malaysia’s lockdown leaves foreign workers going hungry

Millions of migrant workers face uncertainty as employers stop pay and the govt tries to shift responsibility elsewhere

Ministry puts Malaysia’s women firmly in their place

An outwardly ludicrous gaffe by an official department supposedly geared towards championing the rights of women bears the hallmarks of an ominous future

Lockdown leaves Malaysia’s poor in dire straits

As the country braces for the long-term financial impact of the coronavirus, one-off govt handouts will not suffice

Fate of Malaysia’s missing hangs in the balance

National human rights commission accuses police of enforced disappearances, but the culprits are unlikely to face justice

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