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‘Surprise’ urban Malaysia floods drive pleas for climate action

Climate change played a role in the severity of the rains and floods, but other factors also contributed to the damage

Malaysian ambassador to Holy See receives Vatican’s Order of Pope Pius...

The Order of Pope Pius IX, also referred as the Pian Order, is a papal order of knighthood originally founded by Pope Pius IV in 1560

Caritas Malaysia joins global humanitarian appeal for Ukraine

“The world is deeply concerned by the war that is being waged in Ukraine,” said Bishop Bernard Paul, president of Caritas Malaysia

12,000 displaced by floods in Malaysia

The tropical Southeast Asian nation was hit by bouts of bad weather over the weekend, as continuous rain swamped towns on the east coast

Caritas Malaysia urged to ‘read’ signs of weakness, identify priorities

“It is time for us to read the signs of progress, weakness, concerns and priorities that are in front of us,” said Bishop Bernard Paul

Malaysia’s mangrove-planting fishermen stumble at nature finance hurdle

Local communities seeking to tap into growing funding flows for nature protection often face barriers

Bishops in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei admit struggles in synodal process

The bishops of Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei discuss the synodal process during their 109th plenary meeting this month

Catholic Church in Malaysia offers relief aid to flood victims

“There was a great outpouring of solidarity among Malaysians of all walks of life,” said Caritas Malaysia

Community in Sabah regrows forest during pandemic

After months of hiatus due to the fear of contagion, residents of Batu Puteh have returned to plant trees to green the rainforest

27 dead, 70,000 displaced in Malaysian floods

This year's floods were the worst since 2014 when over 100,000 people were forced from their homes

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