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SPOTLIGHT: The world of former Malaysian PM comes crashing down

Najib Razak loses landmark battle, as judge slams his ‘preposterous and ridiculous’ defence and dispels the myth of the nation’s untouchable elite class

Malaysians have a right to be nervous as govt creates new...

With ministers struggling to control a once pliant media, a department famed for dirty tricks and misinformation gets the nod to restart operations

Malaysia’s Najib found guilty of corruption in first 1MDB case

Allegations of corruption over 1MDB have hung over Najib for more than five years

Malaysia faces crucial graft test as Najib’s first 1MDB verdict looms

Prosecutors allege more than $1 billion made its way into his personal accounts

Malaysia arrests Bangladeshi worker critical of its treatment of migrants

Mohammad Rayhan Kabir criticized treatment of migrant workers in a documentary by broadcaster Al Jazeera

UN poverty report on Malaysia falls on deaf ears

Envoy accuses Malaysian govt of ‘statistical sleight of hand’ in claiming it has a poverty rate of 0.4 percent

Malaysia spares Rohingya refugees from caning

Court decided caning would be inhumane as the men were refugees and did not have any prior history of crime or violence

Malaysian court to hear bid to set aside caning for Rohingya...

Lawyers also seek a review of a case against six Rohingya teenagers, including two girls, who they say have been wrongly tried and convicted as adults

Al Jazeera report prompts further govt attacks on migrants in Malaysia

Documentary on immigration raids during lockdown opens up a wider debate on xenophobia and an impending employment crisis in the country

Malaysia’s crackdown on media, a desperate attempt to control the narrative

Authorities are now threatening dissenters with sedition and fast tracking cases through the courts

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