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A nation in turmoil as Malaysian PM hits reset switch

Malaysian public seethes as political backstabbing obliterates a shaky ruling coalition, paving the way for an unelected ‘backdoor’ govt.

Pasca Mahatir mundur, kelompok HAM desak reformasi di Malaysia

Amnesty International mendesak Malaysia untuk tidak menghentikan reformasi hak asasi manusia yang vital, meskipun pemerintahan negara itu mengalami perombakan.

Rights group calls on Malaysia to hold reform course after PM...

Amnesty International say new govt must respect human rights agenda

Malaysian PM Mahathir submits resignation in shock move

Tussle between Mahathir and Anwar has shaped Malaysian politics for decades

Malaysia: A virus, a crisis, and an economic plan in ruins

Malaysia was looking to cash in on Chinese visitors spending big this year, but the coronavirus has left those on the nation’s breadline wondering how to put food on the table

Malaysia’s civil service: Where incompetence is the reality

The Southeast Asian country suffers from decades of corruption and cronyism, plus a racist agenda which favors Malays regardless of competence

‘Not the world’s trash bin,’ Malaysian minister proclaims

Plastic rubbish peddlers forced to cough up as report says businesses are shooting themselves in the foot by damaging the environment

Unable to quell growing public anger, Malaysian education minister falls on...

Given a poisoned chalice, Maszlee Malik’s fall from grace was always on the cards

Malaysia’s water troubles part of a broader challenge

Malaysian authorities demonstrate ongoing failure to grasp the concept of providing continuous clean, running water to the population

Death keeps its sting in the court of Malaysian public opinion

Govt faces a struggle to repeal capital punishment, despite its increasing unpopularity for some crimes

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