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Komunisme tidak cocok di Malaysia

Beberapa bulan yang lalu, sekelompok warga senior Malaysia menyelundupkan sesuatu melintasi perbatasan Thailand dan membawanya ke negara bagian utara Perak. Kemudian, beberapa minggu yang lalu,...

Communism no match for race in Malaysia

A symbolic act of ideology tears open the wrong wound in a country where skin color is the political currency

Malaysian police draw thin blue line in the sand over reform

Govt failure to table a key bill for civilian oversight of the police is another setback for transparency and basic human rights

The wild west of Malaysia’s tahfiz religious schools

Despite their fair share of scandals, they are operating without licence nor accountability

Enam pria Malaysia dipenjara karena tidak sholat Jum’at

Enam pria Muslim di negara bagian Terengganu yang konservatif di bagian timur laut Malaysia telah dijatuhi hukuman satu bulan penjara karena tidak mengikuti shalat...

Six Muslim men jailed for missing Friday prayers in Malaysia

Critics say the case demonstrates that Malaysia’s tolerant interpretation of Islam is being eaten away

Former Malaysian PM Najib takes stand in 1MDB scandal-linked trial

In the witness box, Najib read out his written testimony which was 243 pages long

Malaysia’s indigenous people in David v Goliath struggle for survival

Orang Asli fight for their land in the face of loggers, developers and an indifferent govt

Parpol Malaysia berlomba mencari dukungan, pemilih kepincut ras

Akhir pekan ini, perhatian Malaysia akan fokus pada daerah pedesaan di negara bagian selatan Johor. Penduduk Tanjung Piai akan pergi ke tempat pemungutan suara...

Malaysian parties race for favor, while voters favor race

Politicians campaign for Tanjung Piai by-election to secure ethnic votes with the added lure of money

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