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CCTV used inside China’s Three-Self churches to monitor sermons

Cameras also used to see if minors or party members are visiting churches

‘Blatantly evil’: Cardinal Zen blasts church guidelines for Chinese clergy

Former bishop of Hong Kong claims document legitimizes ‘schismatic Church’

Cultural Revolution redux? Buddhist pagoda, temple destroyed in China’s north

Authorities claimed the structures had been 'built without approval'

Underground Christian sect members meet torturous fate in Xinjiang camps

Extreme abuse employed to force detainees to give up their faith

India church attack underscores tide of anti-Christian persecution

Claims of forced conversion put Christians in crosshairs of Hindu hard-liners

Pope prays for Church unity in China

Appeal comes over a year after the Vatican signed accord with Beijing regarding ordination of Chinese bishops

Arbitrary despotism: How China’s Uyghur Muslims are being locked up for...

A ‘strike first policy’ ostensibly in reaction to an act of terrorism has snowballed into a campaign criminalizing simple acts of faith

Witnesses to the Gospel

Men and women of the cloth in the Philippines, having followed the footsteps of the crucified Christ, have suffered different forms of crucifixion

Kardinal Zen ingatkan bahwa Cina ingin Vatikan ‘menyerah sepenuhnya’

Kardinal Joseph Zen sekali lagi mengingatkan nasib yang akan menimpa Gereja bawah tanah di Cina yang disebutnya "akan menghilang" sebagai dampak dari...