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Taliban supreme leader urges world to recognize government

No nation has formally recognized the regime installed by the Taliban after they seized power and reintroduced a hardline Islamist rule

Desperate Afghans resort to selling their kidneys to feed families

The practice has become so widespread in the western city of Herat that a nearby settlement is bleakly nicknamed "one kidney village"

Taliban order Afghan shop owners to behead mannequins

The Taliban have also stepped up raids on liquor sellers, rounded up drug addicts and banned music

‘Dark future’: The distress of Afghan women who can no longer...

The United Nations predicts half of Afghanistan's population could run out of food during the long, cold winter

Christian rights group alarmed over Pakistan’s refusal to accept refugees from...

ICC called on the international community to do more to help those at-risk communities in Afghanistan, including Christians

Gereja di Pakistan tingkatkan penjagaan pasca Taliban menguasai Afghanistan

Gereja-gereja di seluruh Pakistan meningkatkan keamanan untuk mengantisipasi ancaman serangan menyusul kembalinya Taliban pada pucuk pimpinan negara tetangga Afghanistan.

Churches in Pakistan step up security following Taliban’s return in Afghanistan

Catholic and Protestant church leaders agreed to tighten surveillance and beef up armed protection, especially at Sunday services

Christian legal group decries conditions for Afghan religious minorities, urges aid

Christian leaders and aid organizations have warned that Afghanistan’s Christians are bracing for a new round of persecution

Indonesian Muslim leader calls for vigilance following Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

The religious leader warned that Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan can create a new wave of radicalism in Indonesia

Afghan refugee in Indonesia fears for family after Taliban takeover

For decades, the Hazara, an ethnic minority, have been targeted by militants, including the Taliban and Islamic State

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