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Kelompok agama dan masyarakat adat luncurkan ‘Asian School of Wisdom’ di...

Sekelompok organisasi berbasis agama dan masyarakat adat dari seluruh Asia meluncurkan sebuah lembaga baru yang dijuluki Asian School of Wisdom (ASW) di Thailand.

Thailand extends pandemic measures, expands lockdown areas

Thailand reported 18,027 infections and 133 deaths on Sunday, bringing the cumulative total to 615,314 cases and 4,990 fatalities

Faith-based groups, indigenous communities launch ‘Asian School of Wisdom’ in Thailand

The institution aims to shape “youthful and learning communities” that will live in “authentic dialogue-based partnership” with communities

Thailand bans ‘false messages’ amid criticism of handling of coronavirus

An emergency decree that took effect on Friday prohibits the dissemination of false messages and distorted news that cause panic

Phuket restricts travel from other Thai regions as COVID-19 cases surge

Thailand reported 17,669 coronavirus cases and 165 deaths on Thursday, both record highs

Bangkok to convert disused train carriages into COVID-19 ward

Thailand has been battling its biggest coronavirus outbreak since the pandemic began

Para guru Katolik di Thailand menanggapi desakan Paus Fransiskus

Para pendidik Katolik di Thailand meluncurkan serangkaian webinar pada 26 Juli untuk menjawab desakan Paus Fransiskus akan pelaksanaan pendidikan yang relevan.

Thailand reports record COVID-19 cases with focus on vaccinations

Thailand aims to inoculate 50 million people by the yearend, but so far only 5.6% of its more than 66 million population are fully inoculated

Thailand’s Catholic educators respond to pope’s call for relevant education

Thailand Catholic educators have launched a series of webinars to respond to the call of Pope Francis for a 'global compact on education'

Thai low-cost housing plan puts slum dwellers in charge

The Baan Mankong program helps slum dwellers get secure housing with subsidies and cheap loans for land and to upgrade their homes

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