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Photo gallery: Filipino ‘Samaritan’ sets up community pantry to help needy

A woman in the Philippine capital started a roadside community pantry to help those most in need during the pandemic.

The only rule is “take what you need” and “give according to your capability.”

The Philippines is battling one of the worst outbreaks in Asia, with hospitals in the capital region facing long queues of patients and critical care units nearing maximum capacity.

With 904,285 infections and 15,594 deaths as of April 15, the Philippines has the second-highest numbers of COVID-19 cases and casualties in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia.

The capital region, an urban sprawl of 16 cities and at least 13 million people, is the country’s coronavirus hotspot. Many hospitals there are turning away patients after reaching maximum capacity in critical care units and COVID-19 wards.

Text with Reuters

Photos by Jire Carreon for LiCAS.news

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